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The Wheelnerds share their passion of everything two-wheeled and invite you to come along and sit in on the bull session where they talk about their (and your) favorite topic: motorcycles!

November 25, 2011


Post turkey, the Wheelnerds talk some random stuff. Chuck finds some spam about BMW's new scooters in his mailbox. Todd talks about riding in the winter more. We answer some mail. And we got some pics!

November 18, 2011

Chuck Has to Go!

Another guest joins the guys! We're having on Ghazi Farooq of Teiz Motorsports, the makers of one and two piece suits. Ghazi's pretty active in the online communities and he comes to talk with us about the company and what goes into making his products. Turns out he's a hell of a salesman, too.

November 11, 2011

Adventure Hurts!

This week in the cave, we've got Darryl Cannon aka KILLBOY. He's that guy that takes all the super cool pictures of people riding the Dragon.

November 4, 2011

It Blue!

We interview Claude Stanley of CStanley Motorsports. He speciailizes in sidecars, sidecars, sidecards! You can imagine how Todd reacts to this. Also, Jeff Katzer sends up in a report on a good local shop. Listener email. Bad classifieds. The works.