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The Wheelnerds share their passion of everything two-wheeled and invite you to come along and sit in on the bull session where they talk about their (and your) favorite topic: motorcycles!


April 27, 2018

Here’s our list of guests who have been on the show plus links to their episode and their pages!

Season One:

Brent Allen “Capt Crash” – http://www.howzitdonecrash.com/ – Episode 8 – Author of Motorycles, Life, and … and creator of “Howzit Done” motorcycle training videos on YouTube.

Ben Slavin – http://www.motorcyclemexico.com/ – Episode 10 – Creator of the Motorcycle Mexico DVD set, a how-to guide for motorcycling through Mexico.

Stephen Zusy – http://roadwriters.com/ – Episode 11 – Co-author of Motorcycle Touring In the Southwest and Motorcycle Touring In the Pacific Northwest, books presenting day rides worth riding.

Dale Bell – http://utahridered.com/ – Episode 13 – Episode 135 – Runs Utah Rider Education, associated with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Mike Hammond – Episode 14 –  http://www.cycleworldkawasakininja1000experience.com/ & http://sites.google.com/site/7acesmotolog/ – Just a dude test-riding a brand new Ninja 1000 for free for three months.

Ryan “Half-Throttle”  Grassley – http://half-throttle.com/ – Episode 17  Episode 39 – Video maker! He lives in Central America and does some pretty awesome looking rides down there.

Jeff Gilbert – http://mototour2010.com/weblog/ – Episode 18 – Blogging about riding.

Dale Coyner – http://www.dalecoyner.com/ & http://www.motorcycletrailerstore.com/ – Episode 19 – Motorcycle outfitter, author of a number of books, and electric bike builder.

Mike Uchitel – http://www.utmoto.com/ – Episode 20 – Manager at BMW Motorcycles of Utah

John Bunce – http://www.johnsalaska.com/ – Episode 21 – John rode his FJR from Connecticut to Alaska and back and blogged and v-blogged about the whole thing.


Season Two:

Chris Hornberger and James Reazor of the Pace Podcast – http://thepacepodcast.com/ – Episode 24 – Chris and James fill in for Todd while he’s out playing guitar for spare change in Seattle.

Claude Stanley – http://freedomsidecars.com/ – Episode 26 – Claude builds custom sidecars and trikes. If you want more than two wheel, Claude knows how to do it.

Darryl “Killboy” Cannon – http://www.killboy.com –  Episode 27 –  Killboy’s the Original Photographer of US 129 Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap. He’s been making you look good in twisties since 2001.

Ghazi Farooq – http://www.teizms.com–  Episode 28 – Teiz Motorsports, makers of one and two piece suits/gear. Good stuff at good prices. Chuck rocks a Lombard V3 and loves it.

Roger Pioszak – http://www.cariboucases.com – Episode 30 – Caribou Motorcycle Luggage. They make motorcycle luggage and mounting systems. Todd rocks them on his Strom.

David Hough – http://motorcyclemuseum.org/halloffame/detail.aspx?RacerID=426 – Episode 31/Episode32 – Motorcycle safety writer, sidecar teacher, AMA Hall-Of-Famer, and kind, grandfatherly type that scares the snot out of you with stories.

Ted Simon – http://www.jupitalia.com/ – Episode 33 -Author/journalist. Rode around the world in the ’70s on a Triumph Tiger 100 and chronicled his journey in Jupiter’s Travels

Court Butler & Justin Bradshaw – http://www.butlermaps.com/ – Episode 35 – Two of the guys behind Butler Motorcycle Maps, high-quality hardcopy maps aimed specifically at motorcycle riders, both on and off road.

Dexter Ford – http://www.dexterford.com/ – Episode 37 – Cranky pontificator of all things vehicular

Fred Rau – http://www.fredrau.com – Episode 38 – Motorcycle writer, tour leader, test rider, and all-around… motorcycle guy.

Michael Dickey – http://www.matus1976.com/akira_bike/ – Episode 40 – Motorcycle builder for an AKIRA-inspired recumbent bike

Nancy Foote & Walt Fulton – http://www.streetmasters.info/ – Episode 41/Episode 42 – Owner/operators of the Streetmasters cornering workshop


Season Three:

Paul Guillian – http://www.touratech-usa.com/ and http://www.backcountrydiscoveryroutes.com/ – Episode 43 / Episode 70 – General Manager of Touratech USA

Chris Gore – http://www.chrisgore.com/ – Episode 45 – Writer, Film/comic/gaming nut. Appears on Attack of the Show and has the PodCRASH podcast.

Craig Vetter – http://www.craigvetter.com – Episode 46 – Creator of the Windjammer fairing and fuel-economy pioneer

Lee Conn – http://www.motusmotorcycles.com – Episode 47 – President of Motus Motorcycles

Joanne Donn – http://gearchic.com/ – Episode 48 / Episode 52 – The GearChic! Gear advice for female riders and riding talk for everyone

Austin Vince http://mondoenduro.com & http://www.austinvince.com– Episode 51– Let’s Go Mondo Enduro! RTW rider who accomplished the feat with his friends back in ’95 on DR350s and no support!

Andrew Pain – http://andrewcpain.com/ – Episode 53 – Author of Going Small – A Guide to Lightweight Motorcycle Touring. Go there, go small!

Mark Zimmerman – Episode 54 – Author of The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance. The Wrencher’s Wrencher, the Patron Saint of Shadetree Mechanics, and Todd’s hero.

Daryl Makk – Episode 58 – The touring comedian of the Planet Tour

Florian Neuhauser – Episode 60 / Episode 61 – Editor and Marketing forRoadRUNNER  Motorcycle Touring and Travel Magazine

Vernon Wade – http://adventuresidecar.com – Episode 63 – Sidecar enthusiast and teacher

Mike Fairman – http://thefivefivefive.blogspot.com – Episode 64 – Rider in the 555. Three simple rules and a cross-country trip to awesome!

Zach Swearingen – Episode 66 – Listener and MMI student comes on to give us the scoopy on learning to be a professional mechanic

Ara Gureghian & Spirit – http://theoasisofmysoul.com – Episode 68 – Nomadic Ara and his companion Spirit travel the country in a Ural on a journey of spiritual recovery.

Nicole Espinosa & Paul Smith – http://www.ruggedrider.comhttp://sidecarsafari.com & http://www.adventuremotorcycle.com – Episode 69 – Editors from Adventure Motorcycle Magazine come on to talk about an upcoming circumnavigation via Urals trip!


Season Four:

Jeremy LeBreton – http://www.altrider.com/ – Episode 71 – Founder of adventure riding outfitter, AltRider

Michael Kaiser – http://www.kinderriderinc.com/ – Episode 74 – Founder of the first (I think) Kid oriented street riding gear company.

Terry, Sandy, and Jack Borden – http://www.adventuretrio.com – Episode 77Episode 108 – “The Adventure Trio”, a family of adventure-tourers, tackling the trips on two GS bikes.

Carla King – http://www.carlaking.com  – Episode 80 – Writer, world traveler, self-publishing guru, and ADVENTURE!

Lois Pryce – http://www.loisontheloose.com – Episode 83 – Writer, world traveler, and English.

Ron Grace – http://www.lostforareason.org – Episode 86 – Philanthropist

Bill Dwyer – Anxiety Across the Americas – Episode 92 – Author of “Anxiety Across the Americas”


Season Five:

Lee Parks – http://www.leeparksdesign.com/ – Episode 98 – Writer, Teacher, Glovemaker

Brian Catterson – https://www.facebook.com/TeamCagiva – Episode 103 – Shop owner and former editor in chief of Motorcyclist Magazine

David Mills– http://www.zero2sixty.info/ – Episode 105 – Support crew member on 2012 Dakar and author of Zero To Sixty – A Dakar Adventure

Alonzo Bodden- http://www.alonzobodden.com – Episode 107 – Comedian and actor not to mention MAJOR bike enthusiast and speaker at Americade

Andy Goldfine – http://www.aerostitch.com – Episode 109 – Founder of Aerostitch

John Haymond – http://www.haymondlaw.com/ – Episode 113 – Accident lawyer with a focus on representing motorcyclists

Danell Lynn – http://www.danelllynn.com/– Episode 115 – Adventurer, author, designer, and humanitarian riding 50 US states and Canada in one year on a Bonneville.


Season Six:

Kristin Casey – http://www.kristincaseyracing.com– Episode 125 – Motorcycle racer and chart nerd.

Cat MacLeod– http://www.leodescapes.com/– Episode 129 – Professional motorcycle tour organizer and leader.

Jason Peat– http://www.beartekgloves.com/– Episode 132 – Vice President of Operations/Business Development for BearTek

Joseph Sousa– http://raggededgefilm.com/– Episode 133 – One of the producers behind the EBR documentary, “The Ragged Edge: An American Comeback Story.”

Jaron Harker– Episode 139 – Salt Lake City Motorcycle Police Officer

Russ Miller and Fabio Petruccelli– http://www.sidecarracers.com/– Episode 140 – Sidecar racing team of the Sidecar Racers Association

Spencer Hill– http://www.thegeardude.com/– Episode 146 – The Gear Dude. Reviews and more.

Nichole Starkey– http://www.helitemoto.com/– Episode 149 – National Sales Manager for Helite Moto, the Airbag vest folks.

Roejen Razorwire - http://projectarchivist.com - Episode 147 - Cohost of the Project Archivist podcast and acquirer of bikes.
Season Seven: