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Ep 39: Genetically Hippie

23 Feb

Hey, kids! Check it out? On time this week? Hell to the no. AHEAD of time! We’re filled with love for you here and this is our small way of showing it. Very small. Plus, Todd nagged me continually about it to make sure I wouldn’t forget it was Thursday for the third week in a row. Take note, kids, nagging Chuck works very much well!

We revisit Todd’s Bored By Beemers syndrome as Todd’s turned it over in his head for another week and wants to talk about it. Keep in mind that at the time this was recorded, he hadn’t yet seen all the hate coming his way since bashing on the F800GS. That’s coming next week!

For some giggles, here’s the “PG Porn” we talked about. James Gunn is full of awesome. It’s on YouTube, but work-safe warnings for innuendo, girl in tiny skirts, and language (I dunno how strict they are where you work, but I’m in a government office):


Here’s a real treat: we have a returning guest. Our first one! And not just any returning guest, but this guy actually met us in person the first time around. This time, he decided to do the interview from another country so take from that what you will. We have Ryan Grassley, aka HalfThrottle of You-Tube:

"Why, yes, I AM a rock star."

Ryan’s come back to talk with us about his new iBook project (available from the iTunes store: HERE):

The Volcán Barú Adventure

In his words: “A motorcycle adventure in Panama from sea level to over 11,000 feet.  I ride a Kawasaki KLR650 from the bottom of Panama to the top.  From 95 degrees at the beach to 33 at the top of Volcán Barú.  It was difficult, it was miserable.  It was everything an adventure is supposed to be. The Volcán Barú Adventure is filled with photos of the ride, and over 70 minutes of video of my ride to the roof of Panama.”

We make fun of “Adventure” on the show, but this one’s the real thing and Ryan shows why it’s called adventure. If you got an iPad then you can grab a copy of this and check it out. Well, worth it!

Want to hear yourself on our show? Ridden a bike (like your own) and got an opinion? Got a cool piece of gear or farkle? Got a story? Know some jokes? Record an MP3 (or whatever) and email it to us at wheelnerds@gmail.com. We’ll throw it on the air and talk about it, too. That’s right, you can be the first on your block to be openly mocked by the Wheelnerds.

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Just go ahead, call, and leave us your story there! (We still read your emails, too, and will answer them on the show). If you got something really cool, shoot us a line and maybe we’ll talk to you live, too.

As always, you can listen to the episode above or download direct here:

Genetically Hippie

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